International Students

The course is a blend of on-demand content with scheduled live-streamed workshops delivered 100% online so can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  So students from any country are encouraged to enrol.

Students have a total of 5 years in which to successfully complete all their assessments. The starting date commences upon successful registration and enrolment.  Students may register and enrol at any time during the year and commence their learning immediately.  After this time if a student still has assessments outstanding and wishes to continue on with the course additional fees will be incurred.

You can enrol at any time, and upon enrolment you will receive immediate access to all content including on-demand lectures, case studies, tutorials, hands-on demonstrations and live cases.

You will also be able to virtually attend all scheduled live-streamed workshops and book personal one-on-one tutorials.

Exams can be performed online, and workbooks can be completed at your own institution and uploaded to CEPIA for assessment. After successful completion of all workbook submissions and online assessments, a Graduate Diploma of Cardiac Electrophysiology will be issued.

Once an overseas student is successful in obtaining the qualification, this does not give them the right to practice medicine in Australia. This can only be done after satisfying any requirements of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and other governing bodies.

Please visit the following websites for further information on practicing medicine in Australia:


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